Hertfordshire ASA County Championships 2015 - Weekend 2

May 14, 2015

The second weekend of County Champs promised to be a busy one. Due to the problems with the pool on the first weekend the relays were removed from the schedule and the missed events added in. This left the boys in particular with a lot of swimming to do!


The rescheduled events slotted in around the other races, and our 'displaced' swimmers definitely stepped up to the mark! In the Boys 100m fly Angus dipped under 1.20 for the first time and finished in 4th, as did John in the 13 year olds, our only other competitor. In the Girls 50m freestyle Izzy Chapman PB'd for 6th in the 10 year olds, mimicked by Claire in the 13 year olds. Katialin went sub 30 for the first time to take 5th in the 14 year olds, and Phoebe claimed bronze in her last race for the club before heading off to university. In the Boys 200m backstroke James set the tone with a 17 second PB. Luke, Yannik, Ed, Angus, Michael and Joe duly followed with PBs of their own, giving us a clean sweep! Yannik and Ed took gold and bronze respectively in the 12 year olds, both under the Regional qualifying time, with Michael completing the set with silver in the 13 year olds. In the 200m IM there were age group 4th places for Izzy C and Claire, whilst Juliet took the gold in the 16 year olds. Katialin stormed her swim to win bronze in the 13 year olds and come 4th in both the U16 and Open Championships. The final rescheduled event was the 400m IM, where again our boys all achieved PBs. There were silver medals for George W and Yannik, bronzes for Luke and Michael, a fourth for John and a 5th for Joe.


The Girls 50m fly saw PBs for Izzy C, Georgie, Larissa, Claire, Alice D and Caitlin, ensuring we had another full set of PBs. In the Boys 200m fly George W claimed silver in the 10 year olds with a 14 second PB, and John won the 13 year olds with an 8 second PB. In the Girls 200m free we won no medals, but there was a 12 second PB for Izzy C, and an 11 second PB for Claire. Alice Richardson finished 4th, agonisingly close to the Regional time.


The splash and dash of the Boys 100m IM yielded PBs from all of our boys, with George W claiming bronze and Yannik claiming silver. Ed and Michael picked up bronze and silver in their respective age groups in the 100 back, whilst Angus and Joe swam their way to PBs.


In the Girls 50m backstroke Izzy C, Georgie, Larissa, Megan and Aggie all PB’d. Continuing her backstroke success from the first weekend, Claire also PB’d, and managed to sneak into the Championship final in 8th position. In the final Claire refused to be overwhelmed by the occasion, and was the only swimmer in the final to achieve as PB. This made us very proud!


The Boys 50m freestyle yielded PBs for James, Luke, Yannik, Angus, Michael and Joe, whilst at the other end of the spectrum Alice R, Claire, Katialin and Juliet achieved a clean sweep of PBs in the 400m freestyle, with Juliet taking the 16 year old bronze.


In their second 400m swim of the day, Juliet and Claire both claimed PBs in the 400m IM, with Juliet taking 2nd in the 16 year olds and 8th overall. Caitlin also PB’d, achieving 4th in the 15 year olds.

We traditionally do well in the breaststroke, and the boys in the 200m didn’t disappoint. Luke swam a 14 second PB to win gold in the 11 year olds and grab a Regional time. John claimed the 13 year old silver, with Joe close behind him for bronze. Yannik also swam to bronze, and all the boys improved their Regional time. There were also PBs for Luke, George W, Bradley and Sam S.


The Boys 400m freestyle kicked off with a 35 second PB from George W. Following the trend there were PBs from Luke, Yannik, Angus, Michael, John and Joe. Ed caused a stir when he flipped onto his back after the first length, but much to the consternation of those around him he didn’t lose the heat and filled up his freestyle category; a really brave swim!


In the 50m breaststroke there were PBs for Freya, Ella M, Caitlin, Juliet and Charlotte M, with Caitlin winning bronze in her age group. Katialin took silver in her age group and the U16 Championships, and finished 8th in the Championships to claim a place in the final. Going quicker again in the final she moved up to 7th place overall.


The Boys 50m backstroke yielded gold for Ed as he stormed to a 3 second PB. There were also PBs for James, George W, Luke, Angus, George H, Michael, John and Joe. In the 100m freestyle Michael claimed bronze, whilst Yannik and Angus PB’d for 4th & 6th in their age group. The Girls 100m IM saw Katialin add to her medal tally with a bronze, whilst Izzy C, Alice R and Libby all PB’d.


The final event of the Championships was the Girls 100m breaststroke. There was much delight amongst the big girls as Charlotte, Juliet and Caitlin all managed to dip under long standing PBs in their final race. Caitlin also claimed the silver in her age group. There were PBs lower down for Alice R, Megan and Emma B. Katialin raced to gold in her age group, silver in the U16s and 5th pace overall. This earned her another final berth, in which she duly delivered an improvement to her heats time and finished 5th!


Upon the release of the final results it is clear that once again we punched well above our weight in the county. On the overall medal table we finished 9th, with 10 golds, 15 silvers and 22 bronzes and in the age group points table we can 8th with 364 points. In the overall Championship table you score points if your swimmers come in the top 6 overall in any event. We are delighted to say that we came 9th on this table with 10 points; only 11 teams made it on to the table so this is a huge achievement.


There was some fantastic swimming across the Championships from all of our swimmers. Twenty club age group club records went, so congratulations to the following swimmers: James Atwell (9 – 200m bk), Izzy Chapman (10 – 50m fly), George Williams (10 – 200m fly, 400m IM), Alice Richardson (11 – 400m fr), Michael Ripper (13 – 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m & 1500m fr, 50m, 100m & 200m bk, 200m & 400m IM), John Telensky (13 – 200m br, 200m fly), Katialin Dang (14 – 100m br, 100m IM), and Juliet Merelie (16  – 100m br).


In the last rendition of the BAGCats competition we had 12 swimmers who entered with full categories, and 8 of them finished in the top 8! In the girls Izzy Chapman came 6th in the 10 year olds, Alice Richardson was 6th in the 11 year olds, Katialin Dang was 5th in the 14 year olds and Claire Burrell took 2nd in the 13 year olds. In the boys, John Telensky was 8th in the 13 year olds, Ed Campfield was 7th in the 12 year olds, George Williams was 5th in the 10 year olds, Yannik Wilson came 4th in the 12 year olds and Michael Ripper finished 2nd in the 13 year olds. This is an amazing return on our entries, and we are proud to have done so well in the last BAGCat event.


We had a fantastic County Championships, and are looking forward to building on this success at Regions and into next season!

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