Harpenden Swimming Club have a number of qualified officials at various levels. It is important that the club has officials in order to run our own championships and also to ensure we can provide the required number of helpers at galas and open meets. We are therefore always on the lookout for people to become officials.


There are different levels of qualifications as described below:


​Timekeeper - this can be done as a stand alone qualification or as part of the J1 qualification. From 2012 all timekeepers at Counties must be J1 qualified.


​J1 - Turn Judge -  learning to judge starts, turns, finishes and relay takeovers.


​J2 - Stroke Judge - learning to judge the four strokes


​J2S - Starter - learning to start the races


​Referee - the highest qualification. Overall authority over the rest of the officials.


For more information visit the Herts ASA officials pages here. If you are interested in helping out please get in touch with the desk or email us here.





Val Salkeld, Amy Thompson, Dave Richardson, Pete Berry, Arnaud de Malglaive, Bryan Thompson, Philip Cook, Deborah Burrell, Janet Dyson, Dave McDonogh, Geoff Trayling, Adrian Cohen, Lindsay Burns, Ruth Campfield, Sharon Jupp, Yvonne Wimbleton


Judge (J1)

Bryan Thompson, Philip Cook, Dave Richardson, Yvonne Wimbleton, Pete Berry


Judge (J2)

Bryan Thompson, Philip Cook, Yvonne Wimbleton


Judge (J2S - Starter)

Bryan Thompson, Philip Cook

Affiliations & Accreditations

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