The club shop is run by Tracey Norris from the main desk at Harpenden Swimming Pool on Wednesdays and Sundays. The shop provides a variety of branded club clothing, hats and bags as well as some training kit such as kickboards, pullbuoys, snorkels and paddles. Please ask at the desk if you have any specific requirements.


We also have an online shop with HT Sports where clothing items can be ordered.  Clicking on the logo below will take you to the online shop.







We have been working with FINIS to identify training equipment that will aid the development of our swimmers. Each squad has a Coach Wish List which contains the coach recommended equipment for that group. The equipment requirements have been made as progressive as possible, although there are some changes in equipment as you move into the more senior groups.


In addition to this, we would like all members of the Otters and Dolphins to have a pair of fins. We feel that the FINIS Edge fins are too large and require too much power to use in the younger groups, and so we have requested that the Maru training fins be added to the online shop. Please note that, as Maru kit, these will NOT be subject to the FINIS discount.


To buy this equipment please visit the Mailsports website here You will see that this link contains all of the equipment on the kit list, as well as some other kit options. The code HSC2016 will need to be entered at checkout to apply a 10% discount. This code also applies to any FINIS equipment, including swimsuits, goggles etc, that you wish to buy from the main Mailsports site.


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